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Kennismaken met Healing

Kennismaken met Healing

Locatie workshop: Wauseon, OH 43567

Start off the new year with a recommitment to your relationship. This four-week course is based on Helena’s popular teleconference interviews and her work coaching couples This program does NOT include yoga postures. Yoga is known mainly as a physical discipline, but one can practice the philosophies of yoga without ever doing yoga poses. (So bring your non-yoga-doing partner if you may!) — In this course we will:​ Cultivate greater self-awareness Explore how to transform relationship dynamics Gain tools for effective, compassionate communication Recognize "triggers" and learn how to avoid them Learn how to recruit listening to get more of your needs met Gain tools to resolve conflicts peacefully What to Bring ? There is no yoga asana practice in this event. We will be sitting in chairs, so dress casual. Bring one notebook/journal and pen for each person.Note: This is a communication skill building course, not group therapy. Sharing intimate details of your relationship with the group is not required. Private sessions are available for folks who may want personal support.


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